You can develop you mind past any expations you ever could think of if you really try.   We can show you how.  This is almost like the Movie  The Matrix,  just a little different. But this is real.   Not for the weak minded.



Reality is really what you believe it is.  Along with your own personal  structural framework.   Kind of like you have built your house now you must live in it.....if you choose to.


You are only where you are at because you believe you are there.  If you can convince your mind you are indeed someplace else you will be there.    I have done a few experiments on this and have proved it.

Only you have control of your mind.  Don't waste it.  You can expand your understanding of the world around you and beyond you you can see.



This is a  Coven.  It is a Real One, For Adults.   It is the only one in the World that is Free and Real.  Here you will learn about Teleportation,  Astral Flight, Healing, Levitation, Shape Shifting and even creating matter with you mind.  In order to join you will have to fill out a form  under Contact and tell me why you are interested in joining.    You will have to go through a probationary period about 2  weeks to see if you are trainable or have the gift...Then you can become a member if you pass.

Once a member you will be required to wear a dark robe and sandals in the summer.     There will be Field trips.   Also you should live in or around the Poconos, PA    There will be a meeting about once a week in this area.   If you have any questions that you want to ask me contact me at  my e-mail address  


Coven of Solomon