The Reality of it


     Everything I say does not come from a book, but the info comes from personal experience.    This is just a brief rundown of things I  have found out.     For Example there is a wealth of info  out there loaded with all peoples thoughts and ideas  that you can tap into.   You can  travel backwards and forward in time through this portal or dimension if you really try.   The Big Secret is of course  how did the Egyptians build the pyramids....that was covered in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  The High Priest merely tapped the large stones with the staff    he had in his hands and it would lift off the ground then the workers could push it effortlessly.   This  is actually trying to be covered up because nobody can explain how they did it.   Even the Egyptians did not want to say how they did it  because if this information leaked into the wrong hands their enemies would use it against them.    That is why you will even see  old  Egyptian paintings on walls showing workers killing    themselves trying to move them.    it was all a show....Just like now with the  US Government trying to say there are no UFOs.

        How can you tell if you are Psychic....None of the Psychics I know can really read futures or talk to the dead .   One thing though   there is one way you can do that pretty easily as long as 2 weeks has not passed since the person has passed.    It seems that if you had a very close friend  or parent  just pass away they will hang around you for about 2 weeks .    They will even be able to do you one favor before they pass to the other side.   So Think well and long before you ask for that one wish and weather or not that is what you really want.  You will not be able to give it back or change your mind.    

        Psychic....Everybody has their own different powers or gifts the trick is to find them.... walk down the street at night  and as you walk under a Street Light it goes out...if you walk down the street and 6 or more go out as you pass under them  some people  would call you a slider.   That just means you are gifted.      If you go in to have your fortune read and the fortune teller stands up and throws you out...that means  you are a threat to them and you are gifted....   When I  went to have my fortune read once at a party the fortune teller told me I should be the one reading her fortune.   Then you know you are gifted

       More on that...if you hear voices in your head  ....does not mean you are gifted....However if you hear voices  and they tell you  to do    good things and good things do happen form  what you have done ...then you are gifted.    

       Once I was walking down the street I heard a voice in my head....I said to myself  if you are for real prove it....They they said  OK

I said can tell me what I was in one of my past lives and they said Gladiator....I said get out of here....prove it......The Voice told me to  stop right now.   So I did.  It said look your foot....I saw nothing...the voice said I dug about one inch in the dirt next to the Sidewalk and I found something hard I dug it out with my penknife.    It was a Brass Belt buckle with  a Gladiator on a Chariot.   The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.....and I felt a chill go through my body.     So I walked more and I said  that was just luck...just stupid luck.....If you can really do it again do it and then I will believe it.....   So I walked about 30 more feet and the voice said I felt around under my right foot...nothing was there....the voice said to I dug a little with my pen knife again....I hit something metal again.... so I dug it was a little metal man.....I looked at it quickly and said  to myself  ahh...this is a metal soldier....The voice said look closer....So I scraped it very well with my pen was a Roman Soldier....Again the Hair on the back of my neck stood up and that was when I knew I had the gift.

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