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Coven of Solomon           Mind Development

A lot of these things I talk about like, Teleportation, Astral Flight,  Telekinesis , Levitation does take some mind development !!

You will have to work on it and it will take  discipline.   This is not easy you have to want to do it and be dedicated to it.   This is not like turning on a video game and playing it or turning on a TV.   You will have to elevate your brain to work at a higher level.  This I can show you how to do...but unless you do it...you might just as well forget about the whole thing.  It has taken me about about 30 years to get to where I am.   Some people do have the gift though, and that is what I am looking for.    If you have the gift then I can help you develop it.    It might take me up to a few weeks to see if you have it.   Sometimes people have no idea that they have the gift at all.   Some people thing they have the gift but they have nothing..  So if you have the urge to try this out  you should try it...just remember it will be a trial period till I can see if you have the gift or not.   Having the "Gift" will just mean that you can be trained.   Without you can't be trained no matter what I do.  

         What I am talking about here goes way beyond what you thing a Psychic is....More like a High Priest.